Customized stainless steel tanks for
Africa... and the world.
For over 50 years.

From our automated facility in Cape Town we manufacture and deliver high quality stainless steel tanks, storage and processing solutions to a wide range of customers in South Africa, Africa and internationally. Our clients operate in many industries, including wine, olive, petrochemical, dairy and beverage.

Our staff have over 1 000 years' experience in the design and manufacturing of liquid storage and processing vessels. A reassuring fact, if your production depends on the performance of your tanks.


Our stainless steel tanks - both the standard and custom-designed vessels - have been successfully commissioned in businesses on five continents.

Quality steel tanks - value and performance you can rely on. Guaranteed.

Grotto's 3 000 m2 facility employs over 100 people. It is equipped with state-of-the-art plant, such as automated welding machines, Computer Numerical Control cutting equipment, welding turntables, polishing machinery and specialized lifting equipment.

We can handle vessels up to 20 m in length and 5 m in diameter vertically inside the works. We mostly manufacture stainless steel tanks with capacities of 1 000 litres to 400 000 litres. A purpose-designed external crane is used to manoeuvre larger vessels, up to 30 m long and 6 m in diameter. Vessels larger than this are usually assembled on site.

Whatever your enterprise, Grotto will make a stainless steel tank for you.

Grotto has a proud record of more than thirty years of supply to the South African and international wine industries. We offer a full range of juice fermentation, blending, mixing and bottling vessels to manufacturers of natural, flavoured and alcoholic drinks.

We manufacture processing equipment, pharmaceutical and chemical storage solutions and brewery tanks to all major international standards.

Grotto is uniquely positioned to provide the competitive manufacture and supply of vessels into Sub-Saharan Africa.

Tank and cellar design.

Our fully equipped technical department has in-house design and drawing capacity, allowing Grotto to present a unique range of services to clients:

  • planning and optimizing vessel and building layout
  • walkway, staircase and platform design and manufacture
  • product and cooling piping design and installation
  • turnkey project management